Life is short, buy the shoes: The Meaning.

Life is short, buy the shoes. Such is the imperative on my favorite coffee cup and a command I could find very enjoyable.  I mean an adorable pair of shoes can change the look of an outfit from wrong to wow! And as long as looks are the only job description, then buying every shoe that is “all that and a bag of chips” could be a great option.

I am working in retail during the Christmas season. And I am here to tell you that no matter how many pairs of shoes a person owns, when you stand on your feet for most of the day, none of them are comfortable!

There is a story about a sales lady who had been working long hours during the Christmas season. At the end of a rather tiring day of standing on her feet, she was imposed upon by an impatient customer.

“How may I help you?” asked the sales lady. Like a dramatic defense attorney, regarding the availability of a particular fragrance, the customer  demanded;  “Do you have Elizabeth Taylor’s Passion?” With facetious fatigue the sales lady retorted, “Honey, if I did, do you think I would be working here?” 

Shoes definitely need to be compatible with job descriptions. I don’t know how Cinderella danced all night in glass slippers. I mean there is just no give in glass! She had to have some serious blisters on those tiny size 5 metatarsals! No wonder she didn’t make it home in time after she heard the clock begin to strike 12! I can’t imagine trying to run as well.

I always thought Cinderella’s judgment was impaired. First of all, she should have gotten a second opinion after she talked with Fair E. Godmother. Taking advice from a stranger without considering other input is high risk investment for sure. I gotta say, Fair E. came through though. Nobody else was advertising matching evening gown and coach ensemble for the price Cinderella got and the statement she made!

Secondly, she should have planned her time better. If she wanted to leave a good impression, then she should have known better than to wait till the last-minute to leave the ball.  But I guess when dancing with Prince Charming, leaving isn’t really what’s on the fore front of one’s mind.

Thirdly, maybe if she had been wearing a practical shoe, or better yet, a pair of Adidas, she might have beat the clock and made it home before she got stranded on the street with a pumpkin, some mice and an old nag. Plus she would have had both shoes to wear the next day. But then, I guess, the prince wouldn’t have had any memento for which to go looking for the magnificent muse who stole his heart and he and Cinderella would have never seen each other again and ultimately never married! Then Cinderella would have been stuck being the personal assistant and costume mistress for those two hotties Anastasia and Drizella instead of becoming a princess married to a handsome prince of good fortune and breeding!

Hmmm….I guess I’m mistaken. Cinderella was a pretty smart chic after all. Those glass slippers were quite a deal for her. Not only could she now have all the shoes she wanted, she would have someone to give her pedicures as well. Wow! Those shoes became a  purchase with a purpose! Fairy tales can come true!

“This world of ours has some purpose…and if there is a purpose, there is a person.”  ~ G. K Chesterton

For the Support of Your Life…
Paulette Jackson LPC

The views expressed in The Conversant Counselor’s Blog are those of Paulette Jackson LPC and do not necessarily reflect the views of other professionals or individuals.


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